Autumn and winter to limit production of steel price callback ushered in a "deceleration zone"?

Source:China Metallurgical News    Time:10 October 2023

"Draft" in the "strengthen the assessment and supervision" a clear, autumn and winter period, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment every month to report the air quality situation; Cities that fail to meet air quality targets or perform poorly on key tasks will be notified or interviewed. If any tampering or forgery of monitoring data is found, the assessment results shall be directly determined as unqualified, and the responsibility shall be investigated according to law and discipline. In areas with serious problems, the central supervision of ecological and environmental protection will pay special attention. It can be seen that, as a big emitter, the steel industry will face greater regulatory pressure during the autumn and winter this year.

After the release of the draft, most of the market people around the author think that the autumn and winter production limit is more good than bad for the current steel market, which helps to strengthen the market supply contraction expectations, boost market confidence, and good market sentiment repair, so as to promote the shock adjustment of steel prices to complete a new round of bottom rebound.

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