A weekly review of raw materials markets

Source:China Metallurgical News    Time:13 October 2023

Imported iron ore price shock fell slightly

That week, the external price of imported iron ore fell slightly, external trading volume continued to decline. In the steel enterprises gradually expanding losses and later part of the steel enterprises have maintenance plans, some steel enterprises tend to be cautious of long-term resource procurement. Iron ore port spot prices have risen steadily. In the steel enterprises to increase the price of low and medium grade resources procurement in order to reduce costs, the price difference between low and medium grade resources narrowed.

Domestic metallurgical coke prices have risen steadily

That week, domestic metallurgical coke prices rose steadily. The second round of metallurgical coke price increase in East China, North China and Northeast China has landed one after another. Recently, steel enterprises procurement enthusiasm is strong, the market has goods, a small price increase procurement phenomenon. In view of the general performance of the downstream finished material market, it is expected that the domestic metallurgical coke price will be stable in the near future.

Domestic coking coal prices rose steadily

That week, domestic coking coal prices rose steadily; Online auction prices have risen and fallen, there is the phenomenon of flow auction.

The prices of ferroalloy varieties are stable and have fallen

During the week, the prices of ferroalloy varieties fell steadily. Ferrosilicon prices are generally stable. At present, the silicon manganese market spot resources are tight, and it is expected that the silicon manganese market will be stable in the near future.

Raw material chromium ore prices as a whole stable, before, high carbon ferrochrome production enterprise profits continue to be compressed, Shanxi enterprises due to losses plan to reduce production. High carbon ferrochrome market is expected to be stable in the near future.

Vanadium alloy price is stable. "Double section" before some steel enterprises have completed the preparation, vanadium alloy market is not optimistic about the demand after the festival, more cautious waitand see mentality. Vanadium alloy market is expected to run weak in the short term. Recently molybdenum concentrate market price confusion, some mines suspended external quotation. Molybdenum city overall wait-and-see atmosphere strong, bulk market transactions to just need to purchase, the market sentiment is pessimistic. Molybdenum market is expected to be weak in the near future.

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