Basic knowledge of steel A36

Source:Company Information    Time:10 August 2023

I. Introduction of A36 steel plate

A36 steel plate is located in fine grain calming steel. A36 steel plate is carbon structural steel produced according to ASME special standard

A36 steel plate has high strength and certain toughness, fatigue resistance and other steel plate comprehensive quality performance.

Two, A36 steel plate application introduction

A36 steel plate is often used in mechanical equipment and precision machinery manufacturing, as well as precision parts processing, A36 steel plate also has high toughness can be used to manufacture pipes or drums

The production thickness of A36 steel plate is between 8mm-500mm

Iii. Introduction of delivery status of A36 steel plate

A36 is delivered hot rolled by default

Different use conditions can be set rolling normalizing, control rolling, control rolling, TMCP (thermo-mechanical rolling) and other delivery status.

A36 thickness flaw detection can be done: 1 probe, 2 probe, 3 probe

A36 thickness extension can be made: Z15, Z25, Z35

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